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This page will have videos that explain what's new in software. Whenever we release a new version our auto update feature will alert you upon logging in. After it installs new version come to this page to see what's new and how to update your trading workspace with our latest and most powerful trading systems.
Risk Disclaimer: Trading spot currencies involves substantial risk and there is always the potential for loss.  Your trading results may vary.  Because the risk factor is high in the foreign exchange market trading, only genuine "risk" funds should be used in such trading.  If you do not have the extra capital that you can afford to lose, you should not trade in the foreign exchange market.  No "safe" trading system has ever been devised, and no one can guarantee profits or freedom from loss.


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What's New 4.290 Version

There are so many enhancements and new features in this version. We've added new quote/hotlist tools that show which currencies are above/below yesterdays and last weeks POC and upper/lower value area and by how many pips. FX Value Areas Intraday let you see last 240 or 60 or whatever you want time period's POC and upper/lower value area. I've also completely reworked our FX Build a Trend Histogram and Color Candles to use Range Based data and statistical tools which are FASTER in identifying new trends and quicker in getting you out of them!
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What's New 4.287 Version

This is one of our BEST UPDATES in last 8 years.

We've added DSP Digital Signal Processing technology to many of our tools - Moving Average, MACD, Containment Bands, and FX Power Index and updated FX Build a Trend Histogram to use this much faster trend identification method!

We released volume profile charts a month ago but many users tell me they aren't using them. They are AMAZING and if traders for whatever reason aren't using them I need to make them easier to use. I'm spending 10+ minutes each night updating previous days value areas and our new script FX Value Areas will display them on your intraday charts. They are amazing support/resistance areas that the biggest traders in the world DO USE and most amateur traders have no clue about. Breakouts tend to move 20-50 pips as you can see in this video.

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What's New 4.282 Version - Improved FX Signals & Volume Profile

This new release has an improved FX Trade Signals script that finds many more patterns and also you should see improved accuracy. We have made our volume profile charts work on Range Bars and have added Value Areas and Point of Control which shows where MOST TRADING ACTIVITY happened. This allows you to look for aggressive breakouts often times 20-50 pips before previous days high or low is broken. Volume profile charts let you LOOK INSIDE THE BAR and see where all the activity happened!

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What's New 4.280 Version

Fibonacci Tool now LOCKS to perfect high and low unless you hold SHIFT key down when letting go of left mouse button.

We also added new FX Trade Signals as well as improved code for previous ones. This is STILL BETA and we will be working on optimizing this for next few months to see it behave in all market conditions and add new code that gets rid of bad signals WITHOUT getting rid of the good ones (that's the trick).

Pivot Score Daily/Weekly/Monthly timing issue bug fix that affected users with huge workspaces and dozens of charts. Now you will see a tad bit more accuracy of both this tool and our FX Trade Signals that use this tool!

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Best New Release 4.276 - TWO Major New Features

Two amazing new features in today's upgrade.

First, we have option of linking charts like tick or range bars along with their live only statistical tools to quote/hotlists. In the past when hotlist order changed it would download new data and live only signals would be lost. We have fixed this by having BLANK PLACE HOLDER charts link to the hotlist and then we move the real charts over top of them and in the right order.

Secondly, we have new FX Trade Signals buy/sell signals on charts which you take based on only a few criteria, where next support/resistance is, how strong or weak the currency is now and over the recent 30-180 minute past. For exits use our trailing stops and fibonacci profit targets.

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Signals & Hotlist Linked Phantom Charts (Coming Soon)

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What's New 4.271 Version

This new release has better FX Power Index colors and new Draw Color Strip (thin) option which makes color strip thinner and same height as Daily/Weekly/Monthly Pivot Score trend. The FX Power Index shows % of currencies above/below various moving averages and increases intuitiveness, extremely useful for short term traders and scalpers.

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New Version 4.270

This version has small enhancement in our color strip tools. The wasted black space between bars is removed which gives a much smoother transition and for us more intuitive sense of the trend.

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